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Bring Logos and Text to Life with Dimensional Signage

Aroma Joes Custom Dimensional Sign

Signage is a basic necessity for all types of businesses, whether it is simple vinyl lettering and small decals, full vehicle wraps, or a backlit sign for your reception area.  Signage puts your logo and information on display while attracting and informing customers. Custom dimensional signage is a great way to display your logo or intended messaging, either indoors or outdoors, while making it stand out above the crowd.

Adding dimension to text or signage doesn’t need to be complicated to be impactful. Ardent Support Technologies used custom cut dimensional text to display their logo prominently on a previously blank wall in their lobby. The main portion of their logo was adhered with spacers to lift it away from the wall to raise it further from the sub-text and give the sign a sophisticated look. 

Ardent Dimensional Sign

 Aroma Joe’s Coffee, a local coffee company with nearly 50 locations across two states, wanted a custom sign for one of their locations in Manchester, New Hampshire that would feature their logo in a creative way. This three layer sign combined four different material types, including vinyl lettering on a separate clear acrylic bottom piece, and quickly became the focal point for the location’s lounge area.

Aroma Joes Dimensional Sign

Challenged with a unique location that made the entrance to their restaurant difficult to find, The Spaghetti Stain used a two layer 3D sign shaped like an arrow to direct patrons to their entrance. Raised lettering and edging helped to catch the eye of those passing by.

Spaghetti Stain Custom Dimensional Sign

CJ Barrymore’s, a popular family entertainment center in Michigan, was looking to draw attention to new indoor attractions after a recent renovation. A simple two dimensional sign would easily get lost amongst the bright lights of the arcade games. Dimensional letters with LED lighting was the perfect solution to allow guests to find the new attraction without being overpowered by the lighting from the games.

Lighted Dimensional Sign

After adding a new party area at their ballpark, the Lakewood Blue Claws used a small but attention-grabbing dimensional custom sign attached to a pergola to draw fans to their brand new craft beer bar. Adding dimension to this sign allowed the Blue Claws to make the most of the small space they had to put the sign.

Lakewood BlueClaws Dimensional Custom Sign

Lakewood BlueClaws Dimensional Sign Close Up

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