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Design Essentials: Designing an Ice Resurfacer Wrap

Olympic Regional Development Authority Ice Resurfacer Wrap

Ice resurfacers, machines that are used to clean and smooth the surface of an ice sheet, are an integral part of the game of hockey. With prime visibility to the fans pre-game and during intermissions, it should also be an integral part of your sponsorship inventory. Ice resurfacer wraps are a great way to highlight key sponsors and get creative while capturing fans’ attention.

TD Garden EchoStor Ice Resurfacer Wrap

A variation of a full vehicle wrap, ice resurfacers wraps can seem daunting from a design perspective due to their unique shapes. We've created a list of our top tips for designing an ice resurfacer wrap. We have also put together a design template* for both an Olympia ice resurfacing machine and a Zamboni® ice resurfacing machine as a helpful resource. 

OLYMPIA Ice Resurfacing Machine Wrap Design Template          ZAMBONI® Ice Resurfacing Machine Wrap Design Template

Don’t rely on templates.
Yes, this may seem a little counterintuitive since we just provided PDF templates. While our templates are based off of the specifications of the manufacturer, it is always advisable to measure all sides of the specific ice resurfacer that you are planning on wrapping. With the unique shape and characteristics of ice resurfacers, it is also advisable to make note of any possible obstructions on the machine where the adhesive graphics of the wrap should not go when measuring. For example, you would not want to have a sponsor’s tagline fall right over a ventilation grate where graphics cannot be applied.

Use bold colors and design.
When the fans can see them, ice resurfacers are always on the move against a bright white surface. Neutral colors and passive design elements would be lost against the ice surface on the moving machine. Bold colors and design allow the target audience to receive the correct messaging exactly as intended.

Don’t overcrowd the design.
Continuing on from the tip above, an overcrowded design on a moving object means that important elements like the company logo and information can easily get lost. Keep the design elements simple so that the important elements are front and center.

Keep copy short and to the point.
Ice resurfacers are on the ice for a relatively short period of time while never stopping in front of any particular section for more than a few seconds. Keep your copy short and to the point. Short and recognizable taglines are great. Full sentences or copy going more than two lines in a row is not recommended.

Be conscious of copy size.
Short length of copy in a large font works best. Almost all impressions from an ice resurfacer wrap are from a distance so the copy size must be taken into account. Add in the continuous movement of the ice resurfacer and copy in a small size is about as effective as not being there at all!

Design with bleed for easier installation.
Designing your ice resurfacer wrap with bleed will make the installation process faster and easier. The corners and curves of an ice resurfacer can be challenging and having bleed on the design allows greater flexibility with the installation. *Due to the complexity of the installation of an ice resurfacer wrap, it is highly recommended to have it professionally installed by an experienced installer.*

Vector artwork works best.
Vector artwork allows the artwork to be scaled infinitely without loss of image quality or resolution. It also allows sections of the artwork to be edited without affecting the image as a whole. With the complexities of an ice resurfacer, vector artwork allows adjustments to be quickly and easily made to any area of the resurfacer wrap.


*This template is meant for design purposes only. Please take exact measurements of your specific machine to ensure the best fit.

ZAMBONI and the configuration of the Zamboni® ice resurfacing machine are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as the trademarks of Frank J. Zamboni & Co., Inc.

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