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Elevate your Racetrack Experience With Windscreens

Fan Zone Windscreen

Mesh Windscreens are a functional piece of signage that perform well in high wind applications. Because they have small perforations across the mesh banner material, the wind can pass through it with ease, unlike vinyl and cloth banners. This keeps the mesh banner from catching the wind and makes it the perfect fit for barricade covers and outdoor event signage.

Windscreens are a great way to dress up bland spaces, as well as showcase sponsors and events. Windscreens offer a lucrative advertising space for advertisers, as well as turn unsightly spots, like bleachers and fencing, into attractive branded areas. In both traditional racing environments as well as short-term events, people have seen fantastic results.

At Stafford Motor Speedway, mesh windscreens were used to boost awareness and increase ticket sales for an upcoming event, being placed on the back of bleachers.

Stafford Mesh Windscreen

On the outside of the stadium, Auto Club Speedway was able to create a separate spectator area, which then gave them the ability to increase sponsorship opportunities while elevating the fan experience from the moment they arrive. The fan area was made visible with windscreens printed in vibrant colors, which made them pop even on overcast days.

Auto Club Stage Banners

Inside the track, mesh windscreens were also used to create a branded fan area which offered more sponsorship opportunities to the track, while giving spectators a new vantage point of the track. A backdrop for a musical stage was also made with mesh windscreens, which offered live performances on race day.

At New Hampshire Motor Speedway, the track branded itself by adding mesh windscreens to the back of the spotting towers. They also used large windscreens on the backside of bleachers to continue the brand presence with their slogan “Live Free and Race”, as well as showcase other sponsors. The large windscreens also helped to cover some of the metal structure of the stands, which improved the outside appearance of the bleachers to fans.

NHMS Live Free And Race

For special events like Red Bull Frozen Rush, windscreens were placed on fencing to create a barricade cover, as well as show off sponsors and help direct the fans. A finish line was also made with a truss system and mesh banners to create a branded spectacle that would draw attention.

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