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UNH Adhesive Wall Graphics

Locker room and weight room facilities are integral pieces of every athletics program to attract and retain recruits and current athletes. Due to the constant level of high-traffic, it is not always easy to maintain and update these areas. As student-athletes leave campus for the summer months, now is the perfect time to upgrade your locker rooms and weight rooms with a fresh, new look for the upcoming season.

Wheelock College Athlete Recognition Display

The options to upgrade are endless. Line the halls with a Hall of Fame, or Athlete Recognition Displays, reminding your athletes of your program’s past successes, while pushing them to strive for future titles. Use Wall Murals to decorate blank walls and 3-Dimensional letters allow you to add empowering statements above lockers, entrances/exits, or along hallways.  Utilize Cut Vinyl Decals and Glassmax window graphics to sport your team mascot on interior windows.  Hang Vinyl Banners from the ceiling with the team mantra, or use a Visual Magnetics display in weight rooms to keep track of team and individual records.  Not sure where to start? We can happily review your facility and offer budget friendly, innovative solutions. 

St. Jospeh's College Cutout

Let us transform your locker room and weight room facilities this summer into a showpiece for your athletics program. From small projects, to a total facility overhaul, our Creative Team is here to help you with your needs today!

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