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Improve Your Racetrack with Facility Signage

With the motorsports racing season quickly approaching, it’s time to start getting the racetrack in prime shape. While preparing and repairing the racing surface is at the top of the to-do list in order for events to go off without a hitch, it is important to not forget the other details that can really make an event and facility really shine – including racetrack signage.

The most noticeable type of signage at most racetracks is sponsor signage. Sponsor signage creates an additional source of revenue for the racetrack while also helping to add color and intrigue to what would otherwise be empty areas of the facility. Racetrack billboards, mesh or vinyl banners installed trackside, allow sponsors to be close to the action while also being in the sightlines of most spectators for maximum exposure. 

Auto Club Speedway - Mesh Racetrack Banners

Sponsored fan zones and VIP areas can also be enhanced with various types of signage depending on their locations. If enclosed by fences or barricades, mesh windscreens digitally printed with sponsor logos and branding allow the area to be easily designated in a visually pleasing way for both attendee and sponsor. Don’t forget about your own track branding and event promotion when developing your sponsorship ideas. 

Auto Club Speedway - O'Reilly Fan Zone Mesh Windscreen

Depending on each particular racetrack or event, sponsor and branding opportunities can be created almost out of nowhere. Advertising flags mounted to permanent structures, such as pedestrian bridges, can easily be placed to permanent structures or into the ground for an instant eye-catching sponsor opportunity or empty space underneath the bleachers can be turned into a sponsor showcase – the possibilities are almost endless.

Auto Club Speedway - Sponsor Feather Flags and Branded Bridge

NH Motor Speedway - Mesh Banner Under Grandstand

Signage can also be used to improve fan and attendee experience at your facility. Wayfinding signage such as directional arrows, facility maps, and properly labelled assistance areas can be a major differentiator between a guest enjoying their time at your facility and deciding never to come back. Directional signage can be installed to existing structures or placed onto hardware systems, such as portable a-frames, that can be placed or adjusted depending on the specific event.

Auto Club Speedway - Facility Map

Risk management signs can also help to improve the guest experience while also satisfying insurance requirements. Safety signs can be used for areas when attendees need to be alert for flying debris, where cars may be crossing pedestrian walkways, or to designate prohibited areas.

Not to be left out, concessions also provide an additional revenue stream to a racetrack. Make your concession areas stand out and draw fans in with concession stand signs that clearly show off the offerings of each area. Custom menu boards can be themed as needed or feature the option for quick and easy item or price changes. Satellite concession and drink carts can be decked out with a full adhesive wraps to catch the eye of a passing fan. 

Water Country - Concession Signs and Menu Boards

AMI Graphics has decades of experience working with racetracks of all sizes. Reach out to one of our signage experts today to see how facility signage can help bring your racetrack to the next level. 

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