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Increase Your Ice Arena's Sponsorship Inventory

GlassMax Rink Wrap

Sponsorships are an important revenue stream for any sports facility and ice arenas are no exception. Most ice arenas take advantage of the main areas of the venue for sponsorship opportunities such as dasher board graphics, under ice logos, scoreboard signage, concourse signage, and backlit signage. But, there are a few other creative areas around the playing surface that are easy to use to add to your list of sponsorship inventory and take your sponsor signage to the next level! 

Sponsors like their logo and message to be close to the action to get as much visibility as possible for their sponsorship dollars. The glass surrounding the playing surface is right in the action of the game, no matter where the puck happens to be. Rink wraps are the perfect way to take advantage of this prime visibility for an important sponsor!

RBK Rink Wrap

Rink wraps are window graphics applied to each panel of the glass that surrounds the playing surface. At approximately 6-8” tall, rink wraps are tall enough to make a big impact without blocking the view of fans behind them. They are also printed on a one-way viewable window graphic material that allows someone behind the graphic to see through as if it wasn’t there. Rink wraps make the best impression and retain a high desirability if offered to only one sponsor.

BL White Rink Wrap

BL Rink Wrap

Similar to rink wraps, behind the bench decals offer a creative and highly visible sponsorship opportunity for you to offer to your important sponsors. Fans are constantly looking at the bench areas to see what the players are doing both during the action and in between whistles. Decals applied to the glass or walls behind the benches capture the eyes of fans as they scan those areas. Behind the bench decals also offer sponsor impressions to those fans watching from home when the cameras cut to the players or coaches.

PG Behind Bench Decal

Behind Bench Sticker

Another area that can be used to increase inventory and revenue from sponsorships are the most functional and high traffic area of your seating bowl – the stairs! Stair riser decals adhere to the face of the stair and transform the high profile stairs in your seating bowl into a unique sponsorship opportunity! Like behind the bench decals, stair riser decals provide the added value of visibility to fans watching the game on TV. 

Red Stair Riser Decals

White Stair Risers

Stair riser decals aren’t just for the stairs in your seating bowl. Use stair riser decals on lobby and entrance staircases as well!

Figure Skating Stair Risers

Check out our FREE, interactive Arena Signage Planning Guide for more ideas on how to increase your sponsorship and branding opportunities. Download it HERE!

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