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Practical Branding with Pole Banners

Light poles, telephone poles, and support columns are pervasive throughout everyday life. Whether driving down a street, walking on sidewalks or walkways, or in a parking lot, you will certainly come across a countless number of any type of street and light poles in one day. With that in mind, pole banners are a highly visible way to promote your company, brand, or upcoming events. They also provide an easy and effective way to enhance the functional, yet potentially unsightly, metal and wooden poles.

Customizable to any size and available in vinyl or cloth, pole banners are attached to poles via a hardware system. Once the desired hardware system is installed, the banners can be changed as often as needed to promote different events, seasons, or company logos. 

The Oncenter in Syracuse, New York, is a multipurpose facility consisting of meeting and exhibition space, a theater, and an arena. Covering three city blocks, The Oncenter hosts hundreds of events every year ranging from conventions to concerts to sporting events. Using light pole banners was an obvious choice for The Oncenter as it allows them with a simple and effective way to let the community know about upcoming events while also adding a pop of color to single color light poles.

The Oncenter Street Pole Banner

The St. Lucie Mets, a Minor League Baseball team in Port St. Lucie, Florida, also plays host to the spring training activities of the New York Mets. The St. Lucie Mets beautify the light poles throughout the entrance and exit areas of their park with branded pole banners. Once the New York Mets head north and St. Lucie begins their minor league schedule, the vinyl light pole banners are easily swapped from New York branding to St. Lucie branding.

St Lucie Mets Pole Banners

For facilities such as stadiums, arenas, shopping centers, and similar venues, large parking lots present a prime opportunity for pole banners as the need for proper lighting for patrons requires a greater number of light poles. The University of Michigan used light pole banners in the tailgate lots surrounding The Big House to show off their branding, promote their social media handle, and add to the atmosphere for fans, students, and players.

University of Michigan Parking Lot Pole Banner

University of Massachusetts-Lowell used light pole banners along the walkways surrounding their parking lots at the Tsongas Center, host to River Hawks hockey games, concerts, and more, to add visual appeal to the area while promoting the brands of both the University and the venue.

UML Tsongas Center Walkway Pole Banners

Street pole banners are also popular to among major events to promote the event leading up to the event date, while also serving to create a festive atmosphere during the actual event. The Head of the Charles Regatta places street pole banners along the Charles River course in the weeks leading up to their popular and historic rowing event. The vinyl banners, changing in design each year, have become so iconic that they frequently disappear as keepsakes. 

Head of the Charles Street Pole Banners

Head of the Charles Light Pole Banners

The Vermont City Marathon, one of the most popular events of the year in Burlington, Vermont, uses street pole banners to get residents excited for the event and greet runners coming into town for the race. 

Vermont City Marathon Light Pole Banner

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