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Product Highlight: Dasher Board Graphics

AMI Dasher Board Graphics

When thinking signage opportunities in arenas, dasher board graphics are often the first thing that comes to mind.  Dasher board graphics are a staple for both branding and sponsor signage opportunities due to their high visibility close to the action of the game or event.  Dasher board graphics for sponsor signage vary in length from 6 feet to 12 feet, and each dasher board graphic contains the logos of a different sponsor.  Dasher board graphic wraps, where branding is continued on the individual panels around the entire rink, can help take your special event or game to the next level.

Because of the temperature fluctuations, exposure to moisture, and the wear and tear of game play and ice resurfacers, dasher board graphics have a lot of elements to withstand.  With almost two decades of experience working with professional, collegiate, and recreational ice arenas, we are experts at ice rink signage and dasher board graphics are no exception.

DashMax™ Dasher Board Graphics are our proprietary dasher board graphics and are built to last.  After years of research and development, DashMax™ Dasher Board Graphics were born with the goal of having ice rink graphics that would last despite the challenges posed by that environment.  The adhesive was specially formulated and tested to withstand the dynamic temperature changes common in arenas, while the rigorously tested over laminate is built to protect the graphics and keep them looking sharp all season long.  DashMax™ Dasher Board Graphics are the most widely used rink board graphic in the United States.

Do you have a special event coming to your facility that requires specific event signage?  We also offer temporary event dasher board graphics!  Temporary event dasher board graphics are perfect for special events, championships, tournaments, and more.  They are also perfect for other situations where you may need to change the graphics out frequently, such as professional ice hockey games.  While DashMax™ Dasher Board Graphics have an aggressive adhesive and are designed to remain up for the season, these event dasher board graphics are designed to be quickly and easily removed after only a short period of time.  

Check out our free, interactive Arena Signage Planning Guide for more ideas on how signage can take your team and arena to the next level!  Download it here!

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