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Product Highlight: Frosted Window Graphics

Frosted Window Graphics

Visual office and facility renovations that involve construction can be a costly endeavor that most organizations aren’t readily able to take on. However, signage can offer a simple way to make visual improvements to a certain area or an entire facility without breaking the bank. Frosted window graphics are a great option for adding visual appeal and giving a high-end look to any window or door.

Frosted window graphics are a version of our custom vinyl decals and vinyl lettering that creates the appearance of etched glass. Frosted window graphics are a popular option for branding blank windows and doors since it provides a simple and classic, yet high-end appearance while also providing a layer of privacy if needed.

Southern New Hampshire University used frosted vinyl decals in their athletics and recreation center entrance areas as part of a rebranding project to spice up blank windows and promote school spirit.

Frosted Glass Vinyl Decal SNHU

Frosted Glass Vinyl Decal SNHU

Northeastern University added frosted window decals to windows in their training and weight rooms to provide privacy while also showcasing their signature Husky Paw logo.

Northeastern Paw Glass

When looking for a visual update to their recreation complex, Boston College used frosted window graphics to display logos of activities offer at the complex. This not only indirectly promoted their programming, but also gave a fresh, new look without the cost of a major renovation.

BC Rec Glass

After the conversion of a student lounge into a student-athlete media room, Saint’ Michael’s College used custom window decals to provide privacy for those in the media room while also helping to block light from the lobby from interfering with the viewing of game film.

St. Michael's Frosted
St. Michael's Frosted Glass

The University of Massachusetts Amherst chose frosted window graphics to dress up blank glass walls on balconies in their new, dedicated track and field complex. They also chose frosted vinyl lettering for wayfinding signage and door decals throughout their ice hockey complex and offices.

UMass Amherst Glass
UMass Windows Directional

The University of Massachusetts Lowell and the University of New Hampshire both used frosted vinyl door decals to showcase their brand and welcome student-athletes, fans, and recruits to their athletic facilities in style.

UMass Lowell Etched Logos
UNH - Wildcat Logo Frosted Cut Vinyl Entrance Doors

Whether you’re looking to visually update your entire facility with a cohesive branding plan or to simply display your logo or lettering while filling space on blank windows and doors, frosted window graphics offer a perfect solution for any branding challenge.

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