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Sign Project Installation: The Devil is in the Details

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If you're just getting started with your signage, you have likely noticed there are a lot of options for sign project installation - from DIY to OMG. Tackling your sign project on your own can be overwhelming, particularly when you don't know where to start. If you want to capture the eyeballs and attention of clients, potential clients, and visitors, here's what you'll need to know to make every sign a winner.

How to Develop Signs for Your Business

Your business is the culmination of your team’s hard work and the right "face" can make your brand or message truly memorable. A professional sign company acts as a partner for helping you bring your vision to life, giving you something memorable - a highly visual, and visible, way to communicate with your customers at a glance.

Signage is often the first encounter that customers and prospects have with your brand, so signs should be both interesting and unique. The right sign is the first chapter in your brand story, so it pays to make sure it's a real page-turner. That doesn’t mean only slogans or mottos, although clever ones may help capture attention. Your sign should also take into account colors, shapes, borders, clarity of graphics, and all the other small visual details that can help draw your customers and prospects to your business.

Some business owners are gifted with talent in a thousand different ways - knowing which products will sell well, making customers feel welcome, and other important facets. When it comes to creating a sign package, however, they might struggle to create something that looks and feels professional. Thankfully help is only a phone call or email away! AMI Graphics can be your ally, as devoted to seeing your business succeed as you are. We’re confident that you will find our professional opinion to be valuable, allowing you to make good choices and avoid common pitfalls.

As your sign designer/manufacturer, the AMI Graphics team can make suggestions to align your business presence with your industry, as well as offer guidance for sign shapes, sizes, and materials. This smart collaboration results in attractive, effective signs that represent who you are and what you do perfectly. We know that you're more than just a name, and we want to help make sure your customers know that, too. Once you finalize your sign designs with our team, it's time to put them to work.

Professional vs. DIY Sign Installation

"Bootstrapping" business needs is a smart financial move in many aspects, but sign installation isn't typically one of them. Professional installers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to a task that you may only do once every few years. Our professional installers have seen the gamut of sign materials, installation techniques and conditions.

For vinyl decals on windows, doors, or walls, a small installation mistake can damage the entire decal, rendering it unusable. These are the same signs that people will inevitably be close to, so mistakes will be perpetually visible. Even if you do manage to get an entire piece up, it's likely that an edge won’t adhere well, or unsightly air bubbles will appear beneath the surface. If that kind of mistake is made by your team, you’re on the hook for replacing the sign - or living with it. While it’s unlikely that the same mistake would be made by our experienced 3M-Certified installers, if it did happen, we would replace the sign and insure that it was installed correctly prior to the project being considered complete.

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When you partner with a professional sign installation company like AMI Graphics, you can count on your signage looking attractive and professional from every angle and every distance.

In some cases, companies, franchises, leagues or events need to make small changes to logos, wording, or other small signage adjustments across multiple sites or locations. In the right circumstances, we can develop installation kits for franchises or field employees that include the tools and instructions to get the job done right.

The Durability and Longevity of Your Signage

During the development stage, our experts will take into account important variables like average temperature in your area and typical weather conditions. An outdoor sign made for a bright, hot environment like Arizona will have very different material and coating considerations than an exterior sign slated for installation in rainy Seattle, or the Northeast with its major weather variations. With the right combination of materials, your sign will remain brilliant and readable, even when Mother Nature dishes out her worst.

If your business has an old sign that you'd rather say "sayonara" to, here's some great news: you don't necessarily need to start from scratch. Vinyl wraps and special overlay designs can work with your existing rigid substrate sign to give your business a visual makeover that's not only handsome, but professional-looking as well.

Your sign project fulfillment isn't simply about pieces of wood, plastic, or metal: it's about getting your business out in front of its audience - and ensuring it stays there. When you choose materials that stand up to the test of time, you can get back to focusing on what really matters: running your business and connecting with your customers.

The right signs tell a rich, compelling story about what you do and what you have to offer your customers. Pick a sign project installation partner that understands the importance of that balance. You may be surprised at all the benefits there are to be found in a professional, experienced relationship: ideas, support, and innovative sign solutions are waiting just for you. Contact AMI Graphics today to discuss your signage needs. We ship all over the country because we believe business owners deserve the highest quality signs. We're standing by to talk to you!

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