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Under Ice Logos - The Hottest Piece of Sponsor Inventory in the Coolest Place

Under Ice Logos

During an ice hockey game or another on-ice event, the eyes of every person in attendance will be on one area for the majority of the time – the ice!  The great thing about the ice is that it offers the perfect white background for sponsor, team, or event graphics in addition to the maximum number and length of available impressions.  Use this to your advantage with Under Ice Logos from AMI Graphics!

Under Ice Logos are available as pounced paper stencils used in conjunction with ice paint or as printed mesh logos that are frozen into the ice.  Mesh Under Ice Logos remove multiple steps from the process compared to stencils and paint, and when installed and removed correctly, can be used for multiple seasons.

Under Ice Graphics at center ice are great for branding with a team or event logo.  Are you celebrating an anniversary year?  Use your anniversary logo as you center ice under ice logo instead!  Secondary under ice logos can be placed throughout the neutral zone and even behind the goal line depending on the amount of sponsor inventory that you need.  Before selling under ice logos to sponsors, be sure to check any league regulations that may affect your facility as there may be some limits on the amount and areas where in ice logos can be placed.

Mesh under ice logos are great for events because of ease and speed of install.  The AHL and other leagues use mesh under ice logos for All-Star Games.  College athletic conferences and the NCAA use mesh under ice logos for regional and national playoff games.

Under Ice Graphics provide college and high school arenas and ice hockey programs to add team and school branding to their own ice surfaces or have their logo displayed at the local community rink if they don’t have their own facility.

In addition to under ice logos, we offer many other types of facility signage and ice hockey signage such as dasher board graphics, ice resurfacer wraps, adhesive decals for behind the benches, and more. 

Check out our free, comprehensive Arena Signage Planning Guide for more ideas on how signage can take your team and facility to the next level!  Download it here!

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Under Ice Logos

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