american flat track mesh windscreen


AMA Pro Racing, a professional racing organization based in Daytona Beach, Florida is home to the competitive and exciting AMA Pro Flat Track racing. Racing at over 100 MPH, highly modified racing motorcycles make their way through challenging oval dirt tracks to a finish line that often requires a photo finish to determine the winner. On July 30th, 2016, the Charlotte Motor Speedway in Charlotte, North Carolina hosted a half-mile AMA Pro Flat Track event and turned to AMI Graphics to outfit the track with signage solutions as exciting as the sport itself.


Due to the touring nature of the series, the AMA required both generalized signage appropriate for the entirety of the tour, as well as specialized signage for each location. Prior to the season, AMA personnel communicated closely with AMI’s Event and Creative Teams to create an inventory of signage to use throughout the series, as well as specific items for a venue’s unique branding and sponsorship needs.

Custom windscreens were designed and printed with special finishing to cover airbags, which lined the corners of the racetrack while showcasing the event’s sponsors. Vertical a-frames were designed as wayfinding signage to inform fans of where they need to be in the paddock along with branded tents with heat results and schedule information for competitors of their race times. The winner’s podium was decked out with an impressive backdrop and coroplast a-frames calling out first, second, and third place. Each winner was awarded with an AMI designed custom trophy, which incorporated the traditional lead shoe that all riders of this sport use for their races.

ama mesh windscreen, concession sign and media backdrop
ama media backdrop


From the start line, to the finish line, the paddock, the winner’s circle, and everything in between, stunning branding contributed to the exciting atmosphere that AMA Pro Flat Track Racing calls for. AMI is continuing this impressive partnership throughout this season, including their year-end banquet. Talks and planning are already underway for innovative signage and branding solutions for the 2017 championship series!


“The entire group has been nothing short of perfection in my eyes. When I think of AMI Graphics, I know the job will be done without exception, and to perfection. We always get a “Yes” from your group on any job big or small. In being in event promotion for 20+ years now, and dealing with many signage companies over the years, I have not had a better experience. The attitude is fantastic, the answer is always yes, and the product is perfect.”

Chief Operating Officer, American Flat Track Events