Amusement Parks

Amusement Parks and Recreational Facilities are classic destinations for people looking for fun with family and friends. From roller coasters, to waterslides, and everything in between, these parks offer unlimited fun for people of all ages. With such a wide range of activities and attractions comes a need for parks to properly brand, label, and merchandise different areas of their facility. 

With over 20 years of experience in the amusement park industry, AMI Graphics has the knowledge and skill to develop comprehensive signage inventories for amusement parks and recreational facilities of any size. Carry your branding and logo throughout your entire facility by using specific design elements on all of your signage for a consistent, cohesive look, or customize each piece of signage to fit a certain theme or area of your park while also providing guests with the information they need to enjoy their day.

Blend creativity with functionality when incorporating signage into your park. From attractions signs, concession stand signs, ride height indicators, risk management signs, facility maps, wayfinding signage and more, all amusement park signs can be custom made and finished to your specific needs to take your facility to the next level. 

AMI Graphics is also experienced in the design and print of facility maps. Our dedicated in house Creative Team has created over 200 map illustrations ranging from small family entertainment centers to large amusement parks with over 100 acres of attractions. Our team is ready to help - whether it is a fresh take on an existing facility map, creating a map illustration from scratch, or simply updating a current map with your newest attraction.