Project Highlight: Wellesley College and Silicone Edge Graphics

AMI Graphics and Wellesley College in Boston, Massachusetts, have a working partnership nearly a decade long. We collaborate on branding and signage projects, and our most recent project together refreshed the design of their existing Hall of Fame (HOF) room.

Wellesley’s goal was a dynamic space that showcases the achievements of their female athletes and also making the room more functional for events.

At AMI, we consider silicone edge graphics (SEG) a game changer in the graphic printing industry. We proposed SEG as a solution for upgrading the existing space of Wellesley's HOF. SEG is a budget-friendly option with an unmatched finished appearance.  

Solutions with Silicone Edge Graphics 

A silicone edge printed graphic has a thin silicone strip sewn directly onto the edge of the cloth. The silicone strip inserts easily and perfectly into a thin frame, which makes  for a stellar appearance and zero wrinkling of the cloth.

Once added to a frame, silicone edge graphics have a tight fit. The silicone stitching isn’t visible because it sits completely inside the frame. SEG offers the appearance of artwork floating off a wall. It has a clean, sharp edge, and looks great from a distance and up close. 

While they have the appearance of a permanent display, SEG graphics are simple to swap out. That was one of the reasons Wellesley College chose them for this project. In a Hall of Fame space, you want the ability to easily update without doing a complete, pricey redesign.

They can easily change graphics to celebrate different sports accomplishments. 

AMI’s Process with Wellesley College

Some clients come to AMI with ready-to-print design files or a nearly complete design phase. For this project, Wellesley had a budget prepared, and ideas for design but not a complete vision for the end result.

In the HOF, the existing graphics were four-feet-wide by eight-feet-tall and half-inch thick acrylic panels on two of the walls that featured a variety of graphics and HOF recipients’ images.

Wellesley wanted to sunset the panels, but it would have been beyond the project’s budget to dismantle them, remove them and then create a new installation. Instead, we opted to print new murals to install over the existing ones.

To give the room a more spirited and celebratory look and feel, we proposed silicone edge graphics printed pieces to flesh out the space. With SEG printed graphics, we explained it was simple for the team at Wellesley to change out the printed graphics in a matter of minutes.

Wellesley’s team appreciated not having to pay for future installations; instead, they will be able to handle it quickly in-house.

Our design team came up with a variety of concepts, and after some productive communication with the team at Wellesley, we landed on a winning design. AMI handled this project from design to installation. 

The resulting HOF project was so successful and so celebrated by the school that the AMI sales team now utilizes images of the final product when proposing partnerships with other schools. 

SEG Printed Signage is a Versatile and Durable Option for Athletic Programs 

Silicone edge graphics can be used in a variety of ways in athletic and other areas of campus:

Promote upcoming events: SEG signs, banners and murals are eye-catching solutions that can be displayed in different areas around the campus.

Recognize your athletes: Custom SEG signage is a cost-effective way to personalize messaging that recognizes students and teams for hard work and dedication. Consider using SEG to highlight specific achievements of athletes and teams, and celebrate each athletic program’s rich history.

Highlight school spirit: Use SEG in areas outside of the arena, stadium and athletic offices to get students excited about various sports.

Welcome visitors: Silicone edge graphics signage can be used to create an exciting and  welcoming environment for visitors that makes those coming to campus feel appreciated. 

SEG is one of our top areas of expertise. The quality, colors and image detail are currently the best available in the market.

You can easily request a quote from our team for your next project, and we’ll prove to you that SEG is a great solution.