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If there is one beer that is synonymous with New England, it’s Sam Adams. Officially born in 1985 with its popular Boston Lager, the Boston Beer Company now sports 1200 employees in three locations and over 50 ever-changing beer styles. What began in 25 local bars and restaurants is now available throughout the U.S. and in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Despite their success, the Boston Beer Company has never forgotten their roots and is a major sponsor of Boston’s TD Garden, which hosts 3.5 million visitors a year. After noticing the work AMI Graphics had done in various Garden projects, the two connected on a unique project that would help the brewer create a deeper connection and recognition with all of their arena signage.

While blank walls were a relatively easy area to re-imagine, there was a very unique branding opportunity provided to the Boston Beer Company: turning the back end of the highly-trafficked fan escalator into a brewery.


The main challenge for AMI was figuring out what the best approach for the space was, as well as working out the logistics of turning an area under an escalator into a functional brewery. Powered by the inspiration of one of the country’s founding fathers after which the beer crafter was named (and perhaps by a few fresh brews as well), the teams started drafting up their plan.

Working within the Garden’s constraints, AMI produced wall murals, column wraps, ceiling hangings, and blade signage that maintained the professional branding and look the Boston Beer Company is known for.

samuel adams adhesive wall graphics
samuel adams adhesive wall mural


Within a month, signage was in place throughout the venue, and the new mini-brewery was open for business. The versatility of the signage enabled seamless changeover from seasonals to special selections, an important ability considering the buzz when Summer Ale or Oktoberfest becomes available.

The brewery project enabled AMI Graphics to strengthen their relationship with TD Garden, and help the Boston Beer Company strengthen its arena presence — an accomplishment that everyone can raise a glass to.