large dimensional signage lottery


In 2011, two Granite State institutions — the New Hampshire Motor Speedway (NHMS) and the New Hampshire Lottery — came together for a unique promotion: the World’s Largest Authentic Scratch Ticket and a goal of notching a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

NHMS and the Lottery wanted something that would be visually impressive and that would meet the strict compliance standards of the Guinness team (real paper, a scratchable surface, and a bigger ticket than the previous record holder). There was another variable: time. From the first meeting to the final deliverable, the ticket needed to be completed in less than two weeks, so there was no time to waste with an inexperienced vendor.

NHMS turned to their partners at AMI Graphics to help get the job done right — one that would exceed expectations and be in the record books forever.


AMI’s biggest challenge (literally) was creating an authentic New Hampshire Lottery scratch ticket that exceeded the then-current record in size (36.2’ feet tall by 18.8’ feet wide) that also could be scratched. Their expertise with grand formats and manufacturing capabilities helped them tackle the project’s intricacies, and was a major reason they were trusted with the job.
The team used Dibond, a UV printer, a CNC router, and a special adhesive that replicated the scratch ticket experience. Despite their first time using new materials and the quick deadline limiting time for trial-and-error, the scratch ticket project went off without a hitch.
large dimensional signage lottery
large dimensional sign lottery


The final scratch ticket measured in at 36.2’ feet tall by 18.8’ feet wide, putting the ‘c’ in custom and the ‘G’ in new Guinness world record. At the unveiling event where the honor was awarded, a local contest winner was hoisted on a crane where he used a giant replica of a penny to physically scratch off the replica ticket.
Helping two New Hampshire entities achieve a world record with the largest scratch ticket in the world? That’s just another day in the office for AMI Graphics.