Project highlight: 3Step Sports

3Step Sports is one of the largest youth recreational sports groups in existence, serving the majority of the country. Their motto is, “We run sports.” AMI has partnered with 3Step for years on a plethora of projects, including a recent move for 3Step to a new headquarters location in Andover, Massachusetts. AMI manufactured and installed wall mounted photography panels, painted acrylic logos, an illuminated sign cabinet, and frosted vinyl window graphics for office privacy.

3Step focuses on youth football, basketball, lacrosse, field hockey, soccer, baseball, volleyball and fast pitch. The goal of this recent project was to bring the 3Step look and feel to life for the staff working at the new HQ. We worked with 3Step to create computer numeric control cut shapes, text and logos on painted acrylic as well as an illuminated sign cabinet, mounted directly over the front desk in the main lobby.

AMI’s process is hands-on, so we visit facilities early in a project to survey the area, take photos of existing walls, displays and doors, then measure them, document our findings and send them to the client for reference. AMI’s team of signage experts guides your organization through the full process from concept to completion. We also offer guidance for the proper hardware depending on signage use.

Sign wraps for sports facilities



Sign wraps for existing displays are great solutions for sports facilities to save time and money. For the HQ project, 3Step had a number of existing standoff displays and rectangular frames they wanted to utilize. We assessed various uses and, together, decided to wrap them with adhesive graphics, which give structures a new face without having to print new panels. The new sign wraps were simple to install on top of existing frames and displays, which was a speedier option as well as a money-saving one.

Wraps at 3Step HQ feature an assortment of athletes in action to remind employees and visitors about what 3Step does so well. AMI creates custom adhesive sign wraps that fit perfectly on many shapes and sizes of structures and displays.

Frosted vinyl window graphics

We installed frosted glass window graphics on many conference rooms at 3Step. It’s a great solution for ensuring privacy and providing an attractive aesthetic. For this type of installation, 1e use an adhesive material that light is able to pass through. The frosted glass window graphics feature branded 3Step logos.

Are there areas of your facility that could benefit from stunning sign wraps, frosted vinyl window graphics, painted acrylic logos, or even illuminated cabinet displays? High-traffic areas in your office space are prime sponsorship locations. AMI will partner with you to make focal points of your office really stand out. Request a quote for your next project today.