Project highlight: Publix Sports Park

Publix Sports Park in Panama City Beach, Florida, is a state-of-the-art complex for tournament and community sports including soccer, baseball, softball, football and lacrosse. AMI Graphics partners with Publix Sports Park on an array of signage in and around the complex, including fence banners, wayfinding signs, directional banners, risk management signage and custom 3-D signs.

Publix Sports Park is a bright, vibrant facility with branding colors of blue, green and orange that appear to burst right off the signage. Branded signage helps give worn-out areas of sports parks a facelift without the cost of major renovations.

Sports park branding is an opportunity to create spectator experiences unique to your facility. Signage adds color and life to empty outdoor walls and fences.

Fence signage for sports complexes

Athletic parks such as Publix need temporary and semi-permanent fence signage, as they host a variety of events and sports. Fence mesh banners easily transform bland areas of facilities while providing prominent branding that thousands of visitors will see. Big, mesh fence banners are focal points at Publix’s field level, functioning as entrance locators for the different fields at the park. Fence signage can be custom designed to span the entire length of fence or just part of a fence, featuring logos, photos, text and messaging.

Pole directional banners for sports complexes

Vinyl, double-sided pole banners can hang from existing poles and exterior spaces, though AMI can also provide custom pole hardware for your facility’s specific needs. At Publix Sports Park, pole banners are primarily used as directional signage because it’s a large complex. Light pole banners can also be used at sports complexes to preview upcoming events. These banners may be the first branding spectators and players see as they arrive at your complex. We’ll help you design and install pole banners that set the right tone for visitors.

Warning signs for sports complexes

Publix hosts many baseball and softball games, so warning signs with the text “Watch Out for Flying Objects” were necessary as foul balls might fly into spectator areas. It’s important to note that risk management signs are an extension of your brand. While they may be required for insurance coverage, warning signs don’t have to be boring. Our team advises on custom safety signs for sports facilities that are easy to read, visually appealing and keep attendees safe.

Other signage project highlights at Publix include:

• A dynamic “welcome” sign with Astroturf installed on it for the visitors’ bureau
• Acrylic raised logos with Publix branding
• Interactive signage with a Make Your Own Baseball Card theme, with a cut out someone stands in front of for a selfie
• Dibond “No Parking” mounted to wooden barricades signage for the lots
• Wayfinding signage

Our enthusiastic event services team specializes in strategy, planning, logistics and installation of your facility’s signage. AMI combines deep experience and expertise in sports complex signage with our in-house creative design services, print production. and fabrication services. AMI is ready to fulfill all your signage needs. Request a quote today.