Project highlight: Bowdoin College

AMI proudly maintains a longtime partnership with Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. We create indoor and outdoor displays for their athletic facilities. One of our specialities is finding ways to refresh an existing space economically while also creating a new look.

For example, we added some new life to Bowdoin’s locker room areas. Simple, eye-catching branding helps with team morale and further establishes the college’s professionalism.

The locker room challenge

Our challenge was the locker room gets used by both Bowdoin’s football and lacrosse teams. AMI’s aim was making both teams feel at home in their space, and also be easily interchangeable between the sports seasons.

AMI’s team visited the locker room, measured it out, provided suggestions for design, and generated preliminary artwork. We suggested using silicone edge graphics (SEG) frames and display cloths within the multipurpose locker room which would allow for simple change outs after each season.

SEG printed cloths are photo-realistic, and we created eye-catching signage with a football theme for the locker room. AMI installed the SEG frames and we offer clear instructions for changing the artwork. Essentially, someone just needs to push the edge of the graphics around the perimeter of the frame. Framed SEG displays have a tight fit; silicone stitching isn’t visible because it sits completely inside the frame. SEG is a money-saving option, too, as you won’t pay for installing future graphics. You can swap them seamlessly in-house.

Bowdoin’s mascot is the polar bear. (Admiral Robert E. Peary of Bowdoin’s class of 1877, discovered the North Pole on April 6, 1909.) There was ample space for branding the college’s athletics mascot on the cinder block walls within the areas outside the locker room.

We took the bland and blank space and used heat to apply a “Home of the Polar Bears” adhesive graphic to the wall, giving the appearance that it’s painted on.

Bowdoin College Bear

Dimensional logos were also added for a finishing touch. We’ll customize acrylic logos to fit any space.

We’re proud of the results of the shared locker space. It has versatility so each team will feel like it’s “home,” and the graphics in the room give it some exciting energy.

Bowdoin College Dimensional B

“Our staff thoroughly enjoyed our partnership with AMI as the team was responsive, creative and delivered our solution on time. The work completed by AMI transformed our locker room facility and we look forward to partnering with the AMI team again in the future,” said Tim Ryan, Director of Athletics, for Bowdoin College.

Why partner with AMI?

Our partners choose AMI because we offer the highest-quality products available at an affordable price, and our turnaround time. As hands-on collaborators, we work side-by-side with our partners to understand their project needs from concept to completion.

We conduct on-site visits to measure and visualize the space, and we offer creative services both as a means for creating the full design or for artwork adjustments for our partners. The goal is to make the space look like it belongs to the team. We offer options that will make your school look high-end.
AMI’s team regularly takes on the challenge of giving a fresh face to plain areas at colleges and universities. A blank wall is our opportunity for getting visitors excited about being on your campus.

Have a space on your campus that needs a refresh? Our signage experts are ready to help with a concept and a quote.