Project Highlight: Georgia Tech Tennis

Georgia Tech, a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference, has quickly become prominent in the NCAA tennis discussion. Calling downtown Atlanta their home, the Yellow Jackets are also the home of the ACC Men’s Tennis Player of the Year, Christopher Eubanks.

The Tennis Facilities at Georgia Tech are second to none, but the interior of the indoor facility was lacking by the standards of the facilities team. The new Ken Byers Tennis Complex stands in place of the original facility, doubling the courts and making it comparable to other top of the line schools in the ACC. The white walls, however, did not fit with the rest of the cohesive school branding on the courts.

Georgia Tech Vent Cover

Georgia Tech had worked with AMI Graphics on other projects in the past, so when they had the idea to add adhesive graphics to the indoor vent covers, they came to AMI for the trusted quality and service. The facilities management team wanted to use the many white air vents to create a cohesive look spelling out Georgia Tech and separating the two words with the GT logo

AMI received the measurements for the custom graphics and went to work. By using vinyl decals on the air vents, the impact was large but the footprint was small seeing as the space is normally overlooked. Proofs were sent for approval and the final product was shipped to Atlanta. They were put into place by a trusted local installation team, and upon completion, it was no surprise how big of a change it made in the look and feel of the new facility. Adding the small touches changed the feel of the courts and gave the team more of a home advantage with the school branding surrounding them.

Georgia Tech Vent Tennis

Adhesive Decals are just one of the ways that schools can make an impact on students, athletes, and recruits. By adding custom signage solutions to athletic facilities and continuing to refresh the look, schools can stay competitive. Schools can also let athletes know that they are important to the school community and that the are continued to be supported by directors, coaches, and administrators. With new signage, athletic buildings and fields can look as if a major renovation has taken place at a fraction of the cost.

AMI’s team is here to help with any size project, and has the tools to create an individual result. From site surveys, to our talented creative and production teams, we can make your project take often forgotten spaces and revamp them to give your school a new look and feel.