Project Highlight: Journey Church

Adhesive Wall Murals are an excellent signage option when you want to display crisp graphics and images to create eye-catching displays. When Journey Church approached us wanting to transform the second floor of their church into a city for kids, we were excited to get started on a unique project. Once completed, “Kid City” was born, a place where children can learn about the world around them.

With the idea and design ready to go, Journey Church was looking for a partner that could print and install high quality wall graphics. After receiving bids from several other companies, one of our local clients referred Journey Church to us. After hearing the positive feedback from our previous clients and receiving a favorable quote, Journey Church chose us to move forward with the project with.

The work began with site visits from one of our Account Managers where we spoke with the client and gained a better understanding of their vision. Measurements were taken and the paint quality was checked to ensure that the murals would adhere to the wall properly.  Our signage expert discussed the various material options with the client and chose the best material for their needs.

One last site visit was made to double-check measurements before the graphics were printed. Once the wall murals were printed in our shop, the AMI installers started the installation process. Over the span of two days, adhesive wall murals were installed on nearly every inch of wall on the second floor of the church.

The Kid City fire station greets you as you reach the top of the stairs to the second floor. The fire station adds a pop of color and helps teach children about fire safety.

Journey church adhesive wall mural

Inside individual activity rooms, large wall murals were installed to give each room their own theme. One room was made into the Kid City Zoo, where children can learn about animals.

journey church adhesive wall murals

In the room adjacent to the zoo, a wall mural displays an underwater scene. Similar to the zoo, this mural helps teach kids about the wildlife that lives in the ocean.

journey church adhesive wall murals

In the main hallway on the second floor is the downtown of Kid City. Here children learn about different types of businesses and services that they might find in their own towns. At Kid City Post Office, children learn how to mail letters and more.

journey church adhesive wall murals

Past the hallway and into the main meeting area, a Kid City farmstand teaches children about food, farming, and the local fitness center teaches them about exercise.

journey church adhesive wall murals

Journey Church’s creation of Kid City shows just how versatile adhesive wall graphics are. These unique visuals transformed a bland second floor of their church into an exciting, interactive space for children to learn and play. With our skilled Creative department, dedicated Account Managers, and proficient installers, we will work with you every step of the way from concept to completion. Reach out today to speak with one of our Account Managers, and see how you can make the most out of your space.