Project Highlight: Utica Comets Wall Murals

Thinking about facility branding and signage can be daunting, with arenas and stadiums featuring large spaces and big walls. While the large scale of these areas can be overwhelming, they also present the perfect opportunity to create the desired look and atmosphere of your facility. Wall murals are one way to turn the large, blank spaces of your facility into works of art for branding or sponsorship opportunities.

When the Utica Comets, the American Hockey League affiliate of the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks, began play at the Utica Memorial Auditorium in the fall of 2013, the beloved facility sported a plethora of large blank walls throughout the concourse area.

Utica Comets - Blank Wall Before Wall Mural Installation

Utica Comets - Blank Wall Before Wall Mural Installation from Side

Looking to brighten up these walls, the Comets chose to use adhesive wall murals to add team branding and pride in facility history to amplify the atmosphere of the facility during games and events. Wall murals allowed the Comets to give the appearance of a major renovation around their concession stands without the longer timelines and higher cost of a construction project.

Utica Comets - Historic Photos Wall Mural

Utica Comets - Historic Photo Wall Mural from SideUtica Comets - Wall Mural with Comets Branding

Utica Comets - Wall Mural Close Up with Comets Logo

Utica Comets - Wall Mural with Comets Branding 2

Utica Comets - Wall Mural with Comets Branding and White Background

“The concession murals here at the Adirondack Bank Center have been a great talking point for fans here since they were put up. The most popular ones are on the south side of the building which showcase collages of old photographs of the construction of the arena, city architecture, and local hockey legends. Groups of people form around these murals throughout a game as people love to point out and discuss the historic content of these photos. Working with AMI to get these printed was an extremely easy process even with the awkward measurements, including going around the concession windows and doors. The job was as simple as providing the measurements and the art, AMI took care of the rest. We originally start with just the front of the concessions, but a year later continued the design along the sides and adding on was a breeze.” - Eric Kowiatek, Vice President of Creative Services, Utica Comets

While the Comets chose to use bright colored branded murals in their concourse areas, they also used wall murals in the areas above their seating bowl to increase sponsor inventory while also brightening up the concrete along the aisles to the seating areas.

Utica Comets - Sponsor Wall Mural White Background

Utica Comets - Sponsor Wall Mural Black Background

We love talking about signage - don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our signage experts if you think wall murals could be a positive addition to your facility.