Project Highlight: Northwood Veterinary Hospital Temporary Signage

Northwood Veterinary Hospital has been providing pet care services for over 30 years to the residents of Northwood, New Hampshire and the surrounding areas. In December 2020, construction commenced on an addition to the Northwood Veterinary Hospital building. While the construction was taking place, the staff at Northwood Veterinary Hospital had to carry out their services in a temporary building a short drive up the road. Without proper signage in place, visitors could potentially drive right past their temporary location, despite the short drive. Northwood Veterinary Hospital turned to AMI Graphics to produce temporary signage to ensure visitors knew exactly where to go.

Temporary signage can be a crucial tool for businesses to maintain their customer relationships during times of change. A recent study found that customers are four times more likely to defect to a competitor due to service-related frustrations, rather than price. Temporary signage that is clear and informative eliminates the risk of alienating customers with confusing messaging during a transition. Northwood Veterinary Hospital was mindful of these risks when they took on their construction and used temporary signage to maintain their client relationships.

After Northwood Veterinary Hospital reached out to AMI, it was clear that they knew exactly what they wanted in terms of size, placement, messaging, and quantity. Once materials were selected, the AMI Creative team produced the design files to be sent to the shop floor to begin production.

This job consisted of three single-sided vinyl banners, one double-sided vinyl banner and adhesive window graphics. The AMI install team was called on to install the adhesive window graphics and the Northwood Veterinary Hospital installed their vinyl banners quickly and easily in their desired locations.  

In the photo above, temporary signage was installed at Northwood Veterinary Hospital normal location to inform customers of the temporary location change. A vinyl banner was sized to match their existing signage so that it could be temporarily installed directly over it. Using their existing sign location as the focal point of their temporary signage acts as billboard to inform anyone passing their location each day of the changes, while also allowing visitors to read the messaging prior to getting out of their vehicle with their pet and navigating a potentially hazardous construction site.

At the new temporary building, signage was installed close to the road to clearly denote their interim location. Clear and visible messaging is vital to effective use of temporary signage. For this application, clear messaging with contrasting colors was important to making this signage clearly legible and noticeable from a distance.

On the windows of the temporary building, adhesive window graphics were installed to denote the office location while simultaneously providing instructions on where customers should enter the building amid COVID-19 health protocols. These window graphics help direct customers to the proper locations upon arrival while simultaneously providing some privacy to the visitors and staff inside the building.

Changes to a business that has remained consistent for an extended period of time can result in confusion to customers. Northwood Veterinary Hospital used temporary signage to clearly communicate with their customers and eliminate that potential confusion.  Temporary signage can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you’re looking to direct customers to a new location, or simply need signage for an event, the professionals at AMI Graphics are ready to get the job done. Reach out today and get started!