Project Highlight: Atlanta Braves Spring Training Facility

In 2019, the Atlanta Braves built their new spring training facility in North Port, Florida. When it came time to print and install stadium signage, they called on AMI Graphics. The longstanding relationship between AMI Graphics and Minor League Baseball made AMI an easy choice for the Atlanta Braves, having seen the work AMI did for their minor league affiliate. When the Braves wanted to install signage inside their clubhouse and locker room in 2020, AMI was once again called on to complete the job.

Initial site visits took place to measure areas where signage would be installed. The Braves had specific ideas for what they wanted the area to look like and handled the design aspect of the project in-house. Once the measurements were confirmed and the design files were set up by the AMI Creative team, the materials were printed.

In January of 2020, the AMI install team traveled to North Port, Florida to begin installing the printed signage. The goal of this project was to not only add excitement and visual appeal to the Braves’ training facility, but also to strengthen banding and team pride within the Atlanta Braves clubhouse.

Atlanta Braves adhesive wall mural

In the hallways of the clubhouse, a variety of signage styles were used to create strong visuals that strengthen branding and honor past players and teams. In the image above, a full wall mural spans the hallway wall. Adhesive wall murals can bring a space to life and are an excellent way to use wall space to your benefit. These wall murals create a strong visual by featuring images of previous players and managers.

In nearby hallways, custom displays were installed to recognize recipients of organization awards. The frosted acrylic signage provides a professional appearance and draws the eye of those passing through. Additionally, these displays are easy to update when needed, without replacing the entire display.

The Braves used a wall inside their clubhouse with a shorter span to recognize their affiliate teams where many of their major league players get their start. Framed team jerseys with team information displayed on a frosted acrylic dimensional sign creates a unique visual that matches the overall clubhouse theme.

Inside the locker room, adhesive graphics were used along the ceiling to spotlight team accomplishments.  These graphics honor previous teams in an area that would otherwise be blank, unused space.

The work at the Atlanta Braves training facility didn’t stop at the clubhouse. In a future project highlight, we will feature additional stadium signage that was installed all around the stadium, including wayfinding signs, social distancing signs, floor logos, SEG frames, and more.

At AMI Graphics, we approach every job with the same level of professionalism. Whether you’re looking to rebrand an entire stadium or simply need some sponsorship signage, the signage professionals at AMI are here and ready to help you make your vision a reality. Reach out today to get started!