February 2017

Amusement Park Signage

Update Your Amusement Park's Image with New Facility Signage

Amusement Parks have the ability to create an experience that makes a guest feel like they are a part of the park. Each park is unique, and facility signage can create a lasting impression on guests and improve their park experience. 

AMI Graphics, with decades of experience in the amusement park industry, is here ready to help with a multitude of facility signage options to make your park standout, and give your guest the best possible experience. 

From the moment a guest enters the park, an impression can be made by adding signage to the entrance and exit. Logos and slogans can be showcased, and pricing can be clearly displayed at the ticketing booths and kiosks. 

Amusement Park Entrance Sign

Amusement Park Ticket Kiosk Signage

Once inside the park, people are faced with many options of things to do, from going to rides and attractions, to visiting different areas of the park, or shopping with vendors. Each can be highlighted with custom facility signage. 

Amusement Park Ride Sign

Rides and attractions can be branded, highlighting their names and any extra information that goes along with the attraction. Adding new signage can help update old attractions and pique guest interest. Risk management signage can be displayed to make sure every guests experience is enjoyable and safe.

Amusement Park Ride Height Sign

Amusement Park Ride Sign

For concession and vendors, specific retail signage can also help brand each option to have its own identity. Adhesive graphics can give booths or pop-ups an individual look on the outside, and menu boards can help inform customers about available options. Create themed serving areas to make each dining experience unique.

Amusement Park Concession Sign

Safety signs can be placed around the park to help call attention to certain buildings, such as first aid or park security. 

Amusement Park First Aid Sign

Promotional signage can be used to inform guests of upcoming deals, special events, or grand opening dates for new attractions.

Amusement Park Vinyl Banner

One of the most versatile solutions for many of the mentioned signage solutions above are a-frame signs. By using these small versatile signs, people can see promotions being run, learn about new attractions, or new things being sold at the park. Being so portable, they can be placed in high traffic areas for the highest possible viewing rate.

Amusement Park A-Frame Sign

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Our Interactive Road Race Signage Planning Guide is Here!

Spring is coming and that means that road race season is almost upon us! Runners are getting geared up and training hard, and organizations are planning to make their event the best it has ever been. While planning your event, it may seem daunting to showcase sponsors and plan your signage, but our Road Race Signage Planning Guide can be an essential tool to make sure nothing is overlooked.

Certain areas of the race course may present themselves as an obvious place to showcase sponsor signage, event branding, and other types of road race signage such as barricade covers or finish line signage; however, there are almost endless opportunities for event signage in less often considered spaces. Our detailed guide walks you through each general area of your event from start to finish while suggesting potential signage applications that could be applied to your specific event. Ideas include: expo signage, wayfinding signage, course maps, registration branding, street graphics, volunteer signage, and many others.

Click here to download a copy of our free Road Race Signage Planning Guide and get started planning for your event today!

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Erie SeaWolves Baseball Outfield Signage

Highlight Sponsors or Branding with Outfield Signage

In baseball or softball, one of the best opportunities for sponsor signage or stadium branding lies along the edges of the field of play. While the baselines and backstop’s proximity is close to the action, making it a prime signage location, the outfield wall also provides a large blank canvas for various types of signage. The prime visibility of the outfield wall is a must use option for outfield signage regardless of whether you have a solid wall, padded wall, or a chain link fence. Depending on the setup of the ballpark, an outfield wall can offer many options for different types of baseball signage.

The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp take full advantage of their outfield wall space with vinyl pad wraps. Vinyl pad wraps are custom sized for each stadium’s specific athletic wall padding and are a cost-effective sponsor signage solution as the graphics can be updated as needed without having to order new padding.

Jax Jumbo Shrimp Baseball Outfield Signage

 Vinyl pad wraps are also a great solution for branding your outfield (or backstop!) as they create a big impact way to show off team and school pride.

Auburn University Outfield Vinyl Pad Wraps

SNHU Backstop Vinyl Pad Wraps

The Portland Sea Dogs use a combination of outfield signage options at Hadlock Field. Their lower level billboards on the outfield wall are vinyl banners while above the wall, they use backlit signs to highlight specific sponsors like Norway Savings Bank.

Portland Sea Dogs Baseball Outfield Signs

At McCoy Stadium, the Pawtucket Red Sox use vinyl pad wraps to neatly protect their padded wall while also displaying sponsor logos. In order to add more sponsor inventory, vinyl banners are wrapped around an elevated wooden wall to create upper level billboards.

Paw Sox Baseball Outfield Signage

When looking to draw extra attention to a special sponsor, the Fresno Grizzlies decided to give their normal vinyl banner outfield billboards at Chukchansi Park an upgrade. The Save Mart billboard was designed to spread the desired artwork across the vinyl banner as well as a rigid extension that was cut to the shape of the artwork. The extension adds a dimensional look to the billboard while helping it to stand out among the other vinyl outfield billboards.

Fresno Grizzlies Baseball Outfield Billboard

For more outfield signage ideas or other ways to improve your stadium’s appearance or increase sponsorship revenue with signage, download our free, interactive Baseball Signage Planning Guide, and get started today.


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AMI Racetrack Billboards

Upgrade Your Trackside Branding With Racetrack Billboards

When watching a race at a small regional track, or a large national speedway, one of the most recognizable pieces of the signage are the large trackside billboards. They are the most popular prime location for sponsorship placement at a racetrack and can also be used to promote upcoming events, all while being right where the fans are looking.

Racetrack billboards are made from durable materials, most typically mesh or vinyl banner, finished with a hem - or reinforced perimeter - and grommets. This gives them the strength to stand up to high winds from the track, as well as from nature.

Banners are designed on a case by case basis, as the size of the track and the material surrounding the track often has a great deal of influence on the number and scale of the trackside billboards. For instance, at smaller tracks, more sponsors can be featured on a single billboard to give more sponsorship opportunities. If a track has wood or solid walls surrounding the track, the material and finishing will be different than if chain link fence were around the track.

Racetrack Billboard

At small tracks or special events, where viewing distances might not be as far, more detailed messages can be included on the billboards. These situations also lend themselves to including multiple sponsors on each racetrack billboard so tracks can maximize their sponsorship revenue.   

Smaller scale racetracks can also keep one sponsor on each billboard, but can make the billboards themselves smaller, giving the track a chance to stack trackside billboards and double their opportunity for sponsorship revenue.

AMI Graphics Trackside Billboard

For larger scale signage solutions at bigger tracks like Auto Club Speedway of California, only one sponsor is shown on the racetrack billboards, as the message is then easy for the viewers to see at the track as well as easy to read when watching broadcasted events on TV. These sponsorship opportunities give the track a smaller number of areas to fill, however, the spots have more exposure and can be seen by exponentially more people.  

Auto Club Trackside Billboards

For larger tracks, many will direct spectators to other areas of the track, such as a sponsored Fan Zone, which can increase sponsor presence and give the advertiser a chance to activate promotions in a more intimate setting compared to the more general message provided by a trackside billboard.

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UCONN Football Field Stadium Wrap

Project Highlight: University of Connecticut Athletic Signage Rebranding

The University of Connecticut, located in Storrs, Connecticut, is home to many talented athletic programs. From their prolific Women's Basketball Team with a history of success, to their Men's hockey team who has, in the few years since creation, risen to become a competitive Hockey East program, UConn has an atmosphere of success. The Huskies have worked with AMI Graphics for a number of years on projects both large and small. These projects have updated the look of many of the athletic facilities, giving the campus a new feel and letting them show off their Husky pride. 

UCONN Championship Banners

In 2013, UConn launched a new version of the husky logo, resembling Jonathan the Husky. AMI was able to help with this new branding initiative with several signage updates around the campus, as well as off-campus athletic facilities, creating a new cohesive look.

At the Burton Family Football Complex, many adhesive wall murals have been placed, transforming the empty space into something the team can call home. Window graphics were used to showcase the updated Husky logo across multiple panes of glass.

UCONN Window Graphics

A large Rentschler Field wall mural was created using many panels to highlight the home of Husky football. 

At the practice field, mesh windscreens fill blank space to give a perpetual brand image, surrounding the field and showing Husky pride. 

UCONN Football Windscreen

At Rentschler Field, many additions were made to give the facility a uniform look. A large adhesive decal was placed on an archway in the stadium, including the team's logo as well as facility signage showcasing the stadium’s new branding. Pole banners were placed in the open, adding to the school’s presence at this off-campus venue. The most noticeable project, however, was the full field level stadium wrap, similar to the branding at the team's practice facility - only on a stage for all to see.


AMI worked with UConn’s sponsorship and branding team to design and install a clean looking product, giving both groups their desired final product. The banners were installed with a custom cabling system to allow their operations crew to easily remove and install for future seasons.  

UCONN Stadium Branding

At the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut, the team area was fully branded to give the feeling of home even when a half hour away from campus. Dimensional signage was placed on walls in hallways transforming the blank walls into works of art. Facility signage was also placed above the team lockers, perpetuating the values from the coaching staff to the players as they prepare to compete.

UCONN Locker Room Graphics

Rough surface adhesive graphics were also placed on the concrete walls, showing the team members and the Husky logo, as well as the team's continued success. 

UCONN Hockey Wall Mural

In the Werth Family Basketball Practice Facility for both men’s and women’s teams, championship banners are hung on the walls to show off the continued tradition and success that they have had. Vinyl banners are also hung showing personal accomplishments, such as the Player of the Year and All American honors. 

UCONN Championship Banners

Banners on a separate wall show off the NBA careers of former Huskies to show the past players who have had the opportunity to take their talents to a professional level. Not only is this inspirational for current athletes, but it can also be used to impress recruits.

UCONN Player Recognition Signage

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Baseball Stadium Concourse Signage

Increase Impressions with Baseball Stadium Concourse Signage

With baseball season around the corner, it’s time to get ballparks ready for the season opener. Aside from the field of play, the concourse is one of the most prominent areas of the facility due to high foot traffic. Fans must traverse the concourse to get to their seats, use the restroom, visit the concessions stands, and more, resulting in prime visibility for many types of concourse signage. The best options for concourse signage for sponsorships or branding vary based on the architecture and layout of each park, but there are great signage solutions for any setup!

The St. Lucie Mets and New York Mets spring training facility upgraded the look of the boring and dull concrete columns on their concourse with banner grip frames and vinyl banners. These sleek frames permanently attach to the columns and allow for vinyl banners to be easily installed or changed out as needed. The vinyl banners allowed them to display team branding and show off famous Mets players and memorable moments throughout team history while also giving the grey concourse a pop of color and the look of a major renovation at a fraction of the cost. If St. Lucie ever wants to run a promotion for a special event, offer a sponsorship package for these banners, or just update the pictures for a fresh look, they can do so quickly and easily without a major capital investment. 

Banner Grip Frame Concourse Signage

Vinyl Banner Concourse Signage

St. Lucie also chose to use banner grip frames in their concourse stairwells and elevator lobbies as a perfect solution for sponsor signage. The grip frames give the otherwise blank and boring areas a professional look while creating a sponsorship opportunity in a highly visible area.

Sponsor Signage Baseball Concourse

The New Hampshire Fisher Cats got creative with their seating section signs upgrading them from their basic construction package section signs from when their stadium was built. Using bright team colors and a durable material, fans can easily see these signs as they stroll down the concourse and have no trouble finding the correct section.

Baseball Stadium Section Signs

In tribute to the former Fisher Cats players that have made it to the big leagues, the Fisher Cats use custom vinyl pole banners along the interior edge of the concourse. These pole banners are a simple way to show pride in their history while also adding positive visual appeal to the necessary steel support columns. 

The Bowie Baysox decided to take advantage of all available empty space on their concourse by using custom floor graphics for their sponsor signage. A great way to create a unique opportunity for sponsor signage, digitally printed floor decals with a non-skid laminate help to brighten boring concourse flooring without sacrificing patron safety.

Bowie Baysox Floor Graphics

For more concourse signage ideas or other ways to improve your stadium’s appearance with signage, download our free, interactive Baseball Signage Planning Guide, and get started today.

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