Project highlight: Lululemon 10K

The Lululemon 10K Tour events take place in various North American cities. AMI began partnering with Lululemon on displays and custom outdoor signage for a 10k event in San Diego in 2019. The tour paused during the pandemic, but we returned to assist the look and feel of the 10K events in Atlanta, GA in October 2022 and in Houston, TX in November 2022.

The 10K events are touted by Lululemon as “the ultimate running party,” and Lululemon creates a fun vibe for participants and spectators. Not just a 10K run, these are festivals with interactive areas for attendees. Events like these allow AMI’s design and sales team to flex our creative muscles. We love being part of projects with unique and innovative signage and display elements.

AMI is known for our flexibility and ability to produce and/or source outside-the-box products. For example, at both events, Lululemon wanted a variety of 3D “quirky” figures on stands placed around the event grounds.

The Five-foot structures were made from foam with polyurethane coating with custom paint jobs. They turned out fantastic - and stood as eye-catching elements throughout the event area.

lululemon 10K Barricade Cover

A variety of signage

For the Lululemon 10K events, AMI produced and installed:

• Directional signage and banners: Digital printed for outdoor use with high-quality, fade resistant inks. Vinyl banners are custom to event specifics.

• Mesh banners: For outdoor events, these are an ideal solution for low or high wind, as air flows through the material. Mesh banners are made custom for an event and can utilize a variety of finishing options.

• Feather flags: These are another great option for outdoor events, as tail feather flags are wind directional and have consistent readability no matter how high or low the wind is.

lululemon 10K Tour Finish

AMI was on hand at these events to ensure the products and signage were installed without a hitch. We shipped products on multiple trucks from New Hampshire and Massachusetts to Georgia and Texas for the events. Using trucks for moving signage helps us and the client feel secure that things wouldn’t get lost or damaged in transport.

Flexibility is another point of pride for our team. Each of the Lululemon 10K Tour events have unique venues. For example, the Atlanta event sees the 10K go from Point A to Point B while the Houston event starts on one side of a stadium and completes on the other.

AMI also partners with an experienced network of local teams for events outside of New England. That’s another way we ensure everything runs smoothly for installation, the event itself and

Unique challenges solved

For the Houston 10K Tour, there was the challenge of creating a display at an existing stadium. Often, there’s existing permanent or semi-permanent sponsored signage that doesn’t apply to the event we’re working on. In cases such as this, our team dresses certain areas to draw the eye toward our event signage and displays, and also draws people away from areas not related to the event.

A healthy partnership

AMI looks forward to a continuing partnership with Lululemon and DMSE, the Event Production company that Lululemon works with.

When we teamed up with Lululemon to create the Lululemon 10K tour, we knew one thing was critical, the event needed to look sharp. There was only one choice in partnering with AMI to make that happen. From concept, measurements, printing, install and breakdown, AMI worked hand and hand with us to make sure that our branding was clean, fresh and stood out as professionally as possible. AMI never stops to make sure that all details are covered, thinking creatively on the go and making the impossible happen. There's no other choice for our signage needs than AMI.

-Matt West, Race Director - Lululemon 10K Tour, CEO - DMSE Sports