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Brighten Branding and Sponsor Signage with Backlit Signs

Portland Sea Dogs Concourse Backlits

Looking to brighten up your business branding or showcase a sponsor inside your facility? Backlit signs are the perfect way to stand out from other signage. Backlit signs can also help to ensure that your messaging can be seen in any lighting environment.

Businesses commonly use backlit signage for exterior storefront signage or street side signs to make sure that patrons and prospective customers are able to find their location. In places of business with directories such as malls or shopping centers, backlit signs are a great way to display the directory map as well as provide an added revenue source in the form of advertisements around the directory or on the opposite side. Ocean Breeze Waterpark in Virginia used backlit graphics to advertise sales of their season passes at the local mall.

Ocean Breeze Water Park Directory Backlit Sign

Backlit signs can also allow markets and cafes to label and promote their different refrigerator sections by adding color and light to the tops of their coolers.

Fiddlehead Farms Cooler Backlit

In addition to using backlit signage in the more common places of concourses and seating bowl areas, sports facilities, like arenas, can employ backlit signs in out of the ordinary places, like lobbies or entrances. The Tsongas Center at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell used backlit graphics in combination with a television screen in their lobby to promote sponsors alongside of upcoming events. These backlit graphics can be easily changed out as needed for different sponsors and events.

Tsongas Center Lobby Backlits

Tsgonas Center Lobby Backlits Zoom

At UMass Amherst, the men’s lacrosse team turned to backlit graphics to create branded window murals in their locker room. Using adhesive backlit graphics on the inside of exterior windows, the natural light from the windows with the backlit film creates a unique, high end lighted mural on the inside of their locker room.

UMass Amherst Backlit Window Graphics

UMass Amherst Backlit Window Graphics Locker Room

Help yourself and your sponsors stand out from the crowd with backlit signs. We are happy to assist with a custom backlit sign solution for any situation.


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