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Make Big Impressions with Murals

RPI Wall Mural

Using adhesive graphics does not mean having to stick to the basics! Adhesives, more commonly known as Custom Vinyl Decals, come in all shapes and sizes and can be applied on almost any surface. Murals can make a big impact at your facility. The Rensselaer Engineers highlighted their past players and coaches by installing a Wall Mural. Murals aren’t just for walls though; check out other out of the box locations, like poles and elevators that are great options for murals as well.

Pole Wraps

The Whittemore Center at the University of New Hampshire is home to NCAA Division I Men’s and Women’s Ice Hockey teams as well as a number of special events throughout the year. Despite the multi-purpose nature of the facility, UNH makes sure to keep their supporting poles looking fresh with adhesive Pole Wraps. Whether it is a sponsorship or branding for an event, Pole Wraps are an excellent mural option to add to your facility. Seating sections are commonly found on poles as well, making them highly visible to fans and perfect for additional sponsor inventory. Pole Wraps can be installed as a permanent feature or temporary in order to allow for changing sponsors or events without ruining the surface it is adhered to.

Elevator Wraps

Elevator doors are another key, high visibility location for murals. Most facilities are required to have elevators, so why not take advantage of that space and give patrons something to look at while they wait? Elevator doors can be wrapped with adhesive graphics to showcase your team name and logo, an upcoming event, or key partnerships and sponsors. The Florida Everblades paired sponsor signage with their trademark blue and green alligator mascot. The University of New Hampshire wrapped their elevator doors with a visually appealing sponsor mural. The Boston Bruins prepared for a playoff run with fresh graphics welcoming fans to the TD Garden.

Wall Murals

Murals are very versatile branding tools. From covering large walls with life sized team photos, showcasing sponsors, or promoting your brand, murals can do it all. Use Wall Murals to brand customer service areas like the Florida Everblades did or to decorate narrow yet noticeable areas like Harvard. Harvard used their Wall Mural to highlight their All-American players around the concourse of their rink. Murals are just one aspect of facility branding. Check out our free, interactive Facility Planning Guide, which can be easily downloaded here to get your facility ready for opening night puck drop!

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