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Promote School Spirit with Custom Flags

Custom Flag in Wind

School spirit is an important part of the educational experience, regardless of whether it is at the primary, secondary, or post-secondary level. From making it more exciting to come to school, to allowing students to be a part of something exciting, to creating higher levels of student achievement and an overall positive atmosphere, school spirit makes a big difference in the attitude and success of students.

Custom printed flags are a great way to promote school spirit. A flag featuring your school logo can be used in conjunction with an American flag on flag poles in front of your school to greet students each morning and visitors throughout the day or for special events.

Flags featuring your athletics logo or mascot can be placed to line athletic fields or surround courts to excite fans and give your student-athletes a true home field advantage.

Custom Flag with Pole on Field

Outfit your marching band and color guard with digitally printed flags for their in-game routines and competitions. Our horizontal flags can be customized with any artwork, allowing for different versions of the flags to be printed as needed.

Custom Flags with Marching Band

Custom flags also make a strong addition to any pep rally, school assembly, or special event.

Custom Flags with Cheerleaders

Machine washable and UV face resistant, our custom flags are available as single or double-sided and in multiple sizes.

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custom printed flags
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Custom Flags

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