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AMI Graphics Provides Sign Solutions for a Wide Range of Industries

Your message is important, but how it appears and where people can see it also plays a critical role in getting customers truly excited about wanting to patronize your place of business. Your choice of signage is one of the best ways your business can be effective at bringing in new customers and reminding existing customers that you’re still eager to share your expertise. That means you need to create memorable ways to get noticed.  

AMI Graphics is ready to develop your sign solutions, whether it’s something inside your location that helps customers find their way around, something outside that encourages them to enter, or customized signage strategically placed in other locations to raise awareness and attract attention.

For more than 20 years, AMI Graphics has assisted companies with their visual identity and wide-ranging signage needs, including commercial and retail companies, stadiums, schools and colleges, amusement parks, recreation facilities, athletic venues, municipalities, and major events like the Boston Marathon.

The AMI Graphics team brings more than 50 years of combined experience in strategy and planning to help clients in a wide variety of industries with their display needs, everything from what elements to incorporate into an available space to the most effective styles of signs.  

AMI Graphics is able to provide guidance for areas such as:

  • Sponsorships: Partnering with a local team, venue, or event can be a smart way to connect your name and brand with something that your community might appreciate, and also attract new eyes from their audience members and supporters. Most venues offer a variety of creative methods, locations and sign types to display your name, logo, and marketing messages. They also typically work with a variety of budgets and sponsorship levels. AMI Graphics can develop signage to help your company stand out from other sponsors.
  • Hardware: Along with providing logistical support for customized sign solutions, AMI Graphics’ account management team can offer advice in what hardware will be most effective for different locations, such as something lightweight for easy transport to something sturdy that won’t be damaged by weather, plus ways to anchor or secure it.
  • Site surveys: Different messages or signs can work better in different spaces, and a trained eye can provide a better perspective into what types of signage will best fit the location, whether it’s a small space or a larger area. This is a good chance for the AMI Graphics team to see a space and get exact measurements, which can be done in person or via technology.
  • Portable yet durable: Something like an A frame is sturdy enough to leave outside your business without worrying about it blowing away, but light enough to pick up, move around reposition or store when not in use.
  • Mobile signage: What about a vehicle wrap that covers a car, truck, or van and essentially turns it into a traveling billboard showing off your company’s name, logo, and message? Employees can drive the branded vehicle to community events such as parades and civic activities. Or they can park it at different locations to be seen by different groups of people. Being able to spot the official vehicle at various points or community events around town can be exciting to community members - not to mention your own staff.

Many sizes, many solutions.

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach for sign solutions. We provide a wide variety of standard and custom signage, made from different material and sizes, and fitting a wide range of budgets. The AMI Graphics commitment to excellence can be found from the initial design brainstorming through to the final installation.

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