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Step Up Your Sideline Signage Game!

Sideline Signage

Complete your athletic field with Sideline Signage from AMI Graphics. Whether it is a classic A-Frame or AMI’s padded SoftlineTM A-Frame, these items are the perfect opportunity to showcase your sponsors right next to the action.

SoftlineTM A-Frames have the ability to keep your athletes safe with durable 3” thick foam padding while still offering valuable sponsor inventory. SoftlinesTM have quick change banner panels for easy and affordable game-to-game graphic changes.

Sideline A-Frames offer another great option to promote your sponsors in a high visibility location. Sidelines are lightweight, collapsible, and are easy to set up and take down. Much like SoftlinesTM, Sideline A-Frames have interchangeable panels for sponsor changes throughout the season.

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